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The Czech Republic Libraries Association

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Libraries in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has a dense network of public libraries (about 5 libraries per 10,000 inhabitants). Of the 5 317 institutions, 804 libraries have professional staff. In 2018, libraries carried 4.5 million loans and held 120,000 events. Libraries have a strong tradition in the Czech Republic and the public positively evaluates their activity. They make information, education, and culture accessible to many inhabitants, especially the socially disadvantaged.

In 2024, the Czech Republic Libraries Association has 93 members, including the largest libraries in the Czech Republic (the National Library of the Czech Republic, 13 central regional libraries, and the Municipal Library of Prague). This association represents organizations, and legal entities, but not individual members.

We focus on the following:

  • To argue and emphasize the importance of libraries in the democratic process and promote freedom of information and speech
  • To ensure the principle of the free lending right, independent of technological and political changes in society
  • To develop and strengthen libraries as promoters of knowledge, information, and culture
  • To develop and strengthen libraries in building and supporting education, and as an arena for learning, research, and innovation.
  • To promote an effective and robust library service of high quality.
  • To ensure development and innovation in the Czech library sector
  • To build alliances and cooperate with relevant national and international organizations within the fields of research, education, and culture

The strategy of The Czech Republic Libraries Association

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